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Services we offer

I believe in personal service.  At Cardinal Rule you will never be assigned to a junior associate or told to call a service center. We are taking care of you and respect your time. Our cardinal rule is doing what we can; our passion is coming alongside. Let us stand in the gap for you.  You can find a list of insurance and investment products on a different page. Would you like Advice about:

  • Financial Organization – Do you have a net worth? How is your cash flow? Is your money supporting your priorities? Does your asset allocation match your risk tolerance and time horizon? Are your accounts and beneficiary designations up to date?
  • Understanding Employment Related Benefits – a confidential review
  • Social Security Benefits – what impacts you? – a confidential review
  • Strategies for income.
  • Controlling tax liability.
  • Personal Goal Setting – What is realistic? Long Term, Short Term, Your Legacy
  • Examination of Options/Financial Vehicles - Envelopes, Jars, What’s the right method? What will work for you?
  • Execution of Strategic Plan – When you are ready, we step up providing full service. I am a little old fashioned that way.
  • Your Money – Your Life: remaining flexible. After your plan is set in motion we remain alongside you monitoring progress toward your original, or evolving goals. Talking through changes, updating allocations and always offering to sit on hold for you. Complete the forms for you. Do the follow-up for you. Finding new products or services as your needs or passions change over time.