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Our Mission Statement and Investment Philosophy

What is the likelihood a cardinal will brighten your day within the next week? Good? I chose the company logo to serve as a year round reminder that help (to cut through the financial jargon) is close by.

The Rule? Cardinal Rule #2..

What you don't know (or understand) can hurt you.

We know that getting your nest eggs in order provides real peace of mind. At the beginning of every client project, we identify the pieces in play and analyze available options. We've learned that many people accumulate pieces of their financial portfolio from different places without any particular plan; and then wonder if such a haphazard heap covers their needs and maximizes their benefits.

The good news? Answering that question is exactly the right place to start. And that's where we come in. We help people who want more than a dream. We help people take concrete steps toward the financial finish line. We listen. We translate financial jargon. We identify suitable products and help you put them in place.

We don't try to personally out perform the million dollar research budgets and deep talent pool of the mutual funds and managed money options in existence today. Performance is a moving target. What we do best is help you get more of what you want from your financial choices. How?

  • We make use of funds or accounts with professional money managers who target the identified objective and perform consistently.
  • We recommend strategies using the structural differences of bank products, insurance contracts, mutual funds and/or managed money platforms.
  • We identify potential strengths and weaknesses in the way your accounts and contracts are owned, titled, used or even designated for beneficiaries.
  • We audit contract performance against expectations, peer performance and new offerings.

With your nest eggs in mind, may I make a request; stop by for a visit. Call us when you are feeling differently about your financial risk tolerance or investment objectives.

Call on us to help cut through the financial jargon!

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