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Call on me when:

Call on me for rubber meets the road advice. Practical products and take it off your plate service make this 20 year old business stand out.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sherry McNee, I am a Financial Advisor, (fee based), a Registered Representative, (commission based) a Life Insurance agent (also providing LTC insurance), a business owner, a Navy veteran, a daughter, sister and mother.  Personally, my passion lies in helping others.  In September of 2000 I opened the doors of Cardinal Rule giving life to that passion.  I focus on three areas.

1) INSURANCE -  Protecting what you can't afford to lose is a foundational piece of good financial planning. A life or long term care insurance policy is a straight forward approach to funding specific needs without a timeline. Insurance policies can also be a gifted if legacy planning is what is on your mind.

2) INVESTMENTS -  Optimistically forward looking, investing gives life to hopes and dreams. There is no magic one size fits all product. Finding the right solution for you would involve consideration of your risk tolerance, time horizon, and other factors. The choice of the right product, titled the right way, and funded at the right amount benefits from my professional education and experience.

3) ADVICE -  defining your starting place and goals, sorting through complex jargon, making a plan, choosing between the options; staying on track, and doing the paperwork are all processes which can be facilitated.

It all starts with defining what you want, how you feel, and then filtering out the noise to focus on the products and processes which match your needs.

Find out what this financial professional could do for you. Call (616) 988-1295 today to introduce yourself and arrange time to talk.  We are looking forward to meeting you

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