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Sherry McNee
Practicing Financial Professional

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A brief introduction to: Sherry McNee

I have known since I entered the Financial Services Industry decades ago that I want to make a difference. I want to help people make prudent financial decisions. I want relationships that span generations. So I want to work with people whose company I enjoy. I believe Zig Zigglar's promise that IF, I help enough people to get what they want, I will get what I want. So my goal is to help you.

If you need to change your beneficiary, roll your 401(k), or update bank information; you probably do it one time and the process can be intimidating. Jargon can be so complex that filling out forms, or even ensuring you have the correct form, can be frustrating. Hours can be wasted trying to find forms or follow up. We can perform these tasks for you with experience and confidence. My military training insists that repetition breeds success and I've been doing this for decades.

My mission is to stand in the gap between you and the confusion of emotion, media hype and complexities. I lived and worked through the interest hot 80, the stock market roar of the 90s and the whimpering at the turn of the century. I invest my energy helping you make prudent choices. I assist you to identify risks and opportunities, in allocating your money between investments, and making adjustments rooted in the changes in your life. Treating you the way I want to be treated encompasses quick appointment availability, completing paperwork for your signature, listening to you before I recommend solutions, consistently updating my professional training, and working with your accountant or attorney upon request. My emphasis is on being prepared. I provide practical financial products; life insurance, Long Term Care and Disability Insurance, Investment products, Retirement Accounts and personalized Advice. In the complex world of finances I would like nothing more than to help you simplify your tasks, focus on your goals, and achieve your definition of success.

Your practicing professional advisor, Sherry McNee,


Standing in the gap for YOU

Niki McNee
Customer Care

Customer Services



Niki McNee is a customer service dynamo. Having spent most of her life in and around financial services the jargon and complicated statements hold no fear. When you need to change something, fix something, schedule something or review details she will get the forms, help you fill them out, process and follow up. If you need to find a statement value, a tax form or current beneficiary designation; call on Niki. She is also responsible for arranging client events, updating the bucket list photos on the wall and scheduling appointments.

When she is not working Niki is an active involved Mom and Auntie. She also enjoys 3 dogs and a jeep.