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Sherry is a multiple licensed professional with almost 3 decades of experience. Specific details of the education and experience supporting this schedule may be found on form ADV.




  • AUM fees collected automatically; Assets Under Management are assessed a 1% annual advisory fee, paid quarterly
  • Fees for review, research, advice, second opinions, projects etc require a personal check made out to SPC: $198.00/ hour (deposit required)
  • Retirement Plan Project: $1,295.00 (deposit required, make checks payable to SPC)
  • Plan segment or update: $300.00/section (paid upon completion, make check payable to SPC)

REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVE (fees you don't see, but know are there) fees paid to me by Sigma Financial.

  • Commission amounts are not shown on statements and the representative has limited control over the structure. Many insurance products and some investment products are only available under this structure. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary I am conscious of hidden fees and they factor into my recommendations and product selections for you.

ALL IN WAIVER (fees you won't be charged)

  • I do not believe in treating people differently based on their net worth. If we choose to work together you deserve my best. I can be more effective when I do not have a conflict of interest with accounts you hold with different advisors. If you make an "all in" commitment, I will reciprocate by accepting your annual asset under management fee as payment in full for all services.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER (find out what I can do for you)

  • Flat $50.00 for up to 2 hours of consultation and advice. Put "introduction" in the subject line or mention it when you call.

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