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Ground Rules

Cardinal Rule #18.. There is comfort in knowing what to expect.

Knowing what to expect makes a trusted relationship a little bit easier to establish. Here are five foundational understandings; the GROUND RULES

1. I/We agree that we do not expect our advisor to:

a) Predict the future; only to help us plan for contingencies.

b) Control the market; but to help us control our expectations.

c) Read our minds; I/we will do everything in our power to express our concerns and interests. We expect our advisor to translate those feelings into an appropriate action plan.


2. I/ We expect:

a) Phone calls and e-mails will be promptly returned.

b) Respectful answers to questions.

c) Annual check-ups 

d) Extra meetings when life changes and new strategies are being developed

e) Appointments to meet my scheduling needs will usually available the week following my request. If health concerns limit my mobility I may request an in home appointment.

f) To provide complete personal information and to have that information protected by a published privacy policy.


3. I/We understand that our questions and concerns are essential to the process, we therefore promise to try and express ourselves trusting that the Cardinal Rule staff is committed to translating financial jargon into effective financial strategies.


4. I/We acknowledge the Cardinal Rule Process is all about taking simple steps.

            Step 1.   Continually clarify goals and concerns.

            Step 3.   Translate the jargon and create or update a plan (including fee structure.)

            Step 4.   Put the pieces into place.

            Step 5.  Review Regularly & provide exceptional service.


5.   I/ We may elect to pay for services:

____       By acknowledging that commissions are paid on products

____       Personally as detailed on ADV Part II. A letter of engagement will be provided detailing costs of specified projects.